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If you take a look into a deeper meaning of the word ‘sober’ or ‘sobriety’, it doesn’t mean ‘not being intoxicated, it’s more like the natural state of the human being. The same goes for the term ‘getting sober’. It’s more complicated than just going through the state of hangover. It’s more like getting rid of alcohol abuse or getting your life under control again. The road to sobriety is long and the journey is hard. Only the bravest among those who have a long history of alcohol, or other toxic substance abuse, are brave enough to get their life together.

That’s why anniversaries have such a special meaning. It’s as if you’ve been reborn. Like you have another chance to live your life and enjoy all it has to offer. So, gifts for sobriety anniversaries must make your favorite sober person feel even more special. They must make her or him proud of themselves, and happy because tomorrow is another sober day and all we have on this planet is the time. So, it’s better to spend it doing great things.

I Love My Sobriety Coffee Mug
Like we most of the time do, we’ll start this list of best gifts for sobriety anniversary with the coffee mug. It seems logical – since most of us start the day with a mug of strong coffee. This mug is made of high-quality material and thus, it’s freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Another interesting fact - it’s created by an alcoholic as a grateful way to inspire others to get rid of alcohol. It’s simple but gives a powerful message. We simply love it.
Sobriety Anniversary Coffee Mug
While we’re still at coffee mugs, here comes the coolest sobriety anniversary coffee mug. It’s made of the highest grade ceramic, and thus it's microwave and dishwasher safe. Also, the design is great. The mug itself is black, with cool prints on both sides of the mug, so it fits both – right and left-handed people. The cool white font combination used on the print gives the feeling of superiority to the sober guy, which is completely different from a common standpoint which says something like – poor guy, he doesn’t drink alcohol. Simply, I’m sober, what’s your superpower?
Funny Sober Shirts - Unisex Tee
Similar message as the mug from the above, just in a slightly fancier way sends this ‘unicorn’ themed t-shirt. Besides being fancier, I have to notice a dash of irony in the look of the unicorn. Anyway, this is a great-looking gift that will get the smile on the face of your favorite sober person, and the faces of other people in his environment.
Sobriety Anniversary Socks
When it comes to apparel, socks are among the items you just cannot avoid. Well, here we have a pair of high-quality socks with a sobriety-supportive quote – Sober AF. When I’ve written high-quality, I meant it, since the quote is not printed on the socks, but stitched directly into the socks, so there is no way the quote will fade out. They look like a pair of socks that you are going to wear while laying on your sofa, binge-watching your favorite TV-show. If you ask me that would be Breaking Bad and the first two seasons of Narcos.
Sober AF, All-Natural Soy Candle
While the manufacturer’s name is Malicious Women, we think that this organic soy candle would perfectly suit as a gift for men, too. Like the previous item, the candle comes with the same quote – Sober AF – and we’re completely good with that. It has a burning time of 45 hours and, like the label says, it’s infused with rock bottom and gratitude. Overall, it seems like a nice universal gift for a sobriety anniversary to me.
Anti Alcohol Propaganda T-Shirt
Now, this funny t-shirt is going to cheer up your favorite sober person. It’s based on actual soviet anti-alcohol propaganda from the era of socialism and the USSR. Besides, it looks overly naïve and unconvincing, it surely has some truth in it – at least, your sober celebrant probably has something in common with the pose of the guy from the poster. Word ‘HET!’, written in American looks like ‘niet’, and means something like ‘absolutely not’. So, if your sober guy won’t get mad at a piece of commies propaganda on the t-shirt, don’t hesitate to purchase it. I would surely love to have a t-shirt like this.
The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober: Discovering a happy, healthy, wealthy alcohol-free life
Let’s put the joke aside for a while and take a look at this book. It’s written by Catherine Gray, who personally run through the hell of alcohol abuse, and this book honestly discusses this topic. It discusses it even further, explaining what happens after you quit drinking. She writes about the hell of emotions you’re going through while you’re still burning in alcoholic purgatory, and about her sober life and all ups and downs. It’s an amazing book, and your favorite sober person is just going to love it.
Women in Recovery Yearly Chip Sobriety Gift
While we’re still at women and alcohol abuse, here we have another nice and supportive sobriety anniversary gift. The chip is made of heavy-metal and comes packed in a nice red gift box. Also, although the main product image shows the 1st sobriety anniversary, you have the option to choose from a whole range of dates. Another interesting thing is that the chip has a nice supportive print on the backside, so, as per my opinion it would make a great gift to your favorite sober person in case it’s a female.
Alcoholic Anonymous Sobriety Journal with Daily Reflections & Inspirational Quotes
When it comes to getting sober, the hardest part is to resist temptations and stay on track. So, writing a journal is one of the things that will surely help you stay motivated and keep track of your progress. This great-looking sobriety journal contains 188 pages and it’s filled with 96 inspirational sobriety quotes or alcoholic anonymous slogans that will surely help you keep your daily routine while staying focused on what matters, and, shortly, that’s being sober.
So Proud - Congratulations Card with Envelope
We’ve left this old-fashioned way of congratulating for the end. In the era of all kinds of messengers, e-mails, and social media, anyone who gets a congratulatory card on his doorstep has no other option but to be surprised. Pleasantly surprised. The congratulatory card comes in an envelope and I strongly recommend you to send it by mail. Simply walk to the post office and do it as we all did before the digital era.

So, that would be all for our recommendations for the best sobriety anniversary gift. If you haven’t found the right pick for your favorite sober person, you can always go back to Amazon and find something you might find more suitable. Of course, it doesn’t need to be an Amazon, you can do it in the local gift store – anything would be good as long as it’s supportive.

10 Best Gifts for Sobriety Anniversary

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