17 Coffee Gift Basket Ideas That Will Leave Your Coffee Lover Speechless

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Buying a present for a coffee lover can be a challenging task, especially if you’re never done it before. One of the best gifts, in general, would be a coffee-themed basket. So, in this article, we’re bringing you the 17 coffee gift basket ideas, which will leave your coffee lover speechless.

We are going to start by listing some of the great items you could include in the gift basket, then we’re going to move on to the finished gift baskets which don’t require any effort on your part.

InfuSio Gourmet Ground Coffee, Variety Pack
The main item in any coffee-themed gift basket should always be the coffee. We got several options for you and this is the first one. The variety pack from InfuSio comes with eight different blends which overall totals 4 pounds. InfuSio makes delicious coffee, and this variety pack is something any coffee lover will appreciate.
I Run On Coffee Chaos Cuss Words T-Shirt
Here is another great item for your gift basket. It is a woman's tee displaying a humorous phrase regarding coffee. I personally love the humor behind it, and if you want an item your coffee lover will adore, this is the one to go for. The only bad side to it is that it is only intended for the female population, but hey men cannot have it all.
Espresso Coffee Patent Print Poster
Any coffee lover likes a great piece of coffee wall art. One of our favorite pieces is this Espresso coffee patent poster which will fit great in any kitchen. It is 16 by 26 inches in size, but you can easily roll it and fit it into your coffee-themed basket. It simply looks great, and, quite frankly, it is one of the best coffee gift basket ideas.
Bean Box - Gourmet Coffee Sampler
As we mentioned above, coffee should always be the main focal point of any gift for the coffee lover, and here we have another sample pack, but from Bean Box this time. Bean Box is one of the top-notch small-batch coffee roasters from Seattle, and their coffee is simply delicious. This particular pack contains all roasts, but you can opt-out for the dark, decaf, espresso, light, or medium roasts.
Keurig Coffee Lovers' Collection Variety Pack
Moving on to Keurig's collection variety pack which offers the astounding 20 types of coffee in single-serve, and you get two of each totaling 40 pods. While this is a great present for any coffee lover, there is one drawback to it. The cup pods which come in the package are only compatible with the Keurig coffee makers, and that means that your coffee enthusiast might not be able to enjoy it...
Metal Coffee Sign, Large Coffee Decor
We got yet another great piece of wall art which would be a great addition to your gift basket. It is the metal sign stating 'Coffee is always a good idea'. The coffee-related motif is carved in the metal using the laser cutting process. When it comes to size, it is 11.6 by 13.9 inches, and it is definitely a stunning addition to any kitchen that any coffee lover would appreciate.
Java Planet - Coffee Beans, Organic Coffee Sampler Pack
The last sampler pack we got for you is from Java Planet. It is all organic coffee and you get six 3.2 ounces bags of different brews including Sumatra, Peru, Guatemalan, Colombian, and Espresso. Besides all of the mentioned coffee types, you also get the burlap bag which rounds up the whole package. As mentioned above, all of the coffee is 100% organic, which is always a plus.

Coffee Lovers Baskets and Boxes

Coffee Beanery Specialty Basket
Now, we are moving on to the gift baskets and boxes. The first one in line is the is one from Coffee Beanery which comes with nine samples of Arabica coffee. Besides this, you also get the travel mug which is sure to make your recipient happy. Overall, it is not abundant. This means that you can either use it as a standalone gift or as an addition to your coffee-themed gift basket.
Coffee Gift Set, Best Coffee Gifts for Caffeine Lovers
Next, we got one of the well-rounded gifts for any coffee enthusiast. It is another great item for your gift basket which can also be gifted on its own. The set includes several Hawaiian types of coffee which are in whole grain, the French press coffee maker, and a manual grinder. It is a present which offers the whole experience, from grinding to drinking this amazing beverage.
Birthday Box Coffee Gift Basket
This birthday box is pretty much an ideal gift for your coffee enthusiast. It is beautifully decorated, but more importantly, the contents will brings your giftee much joy. Just to mention some of them, it comes with two packs of coffee, five creamers, a coffee spoon, a birthday tumbler, etc. As most of the items in this section, it can be gifted on its own, but it is also one of the best coffee gift basket ideas on its own.
Coffee Lovers Gift Basket Box
If your coffee lover likes to indulge in some sweets occasionally, here is the perfect gift. this gift box, besides the coffee, includes coffee-infused dark chocolate and gourmet cookies. However, since we are all about coffee today, we can't forget other coffee-related items, and this package has a lot to offer. But, we are only going to mention the funniest one. The item in question are the coffee-themed socks which are surely get the most attention.
Gift Basket Village Caffe Lovers
Now here is the coffee gift basket in the full sense of the word. It will be a true treat for any coffee lover mainly because it includes incredible coffee and some sweets which go great with this popular drink. Just to mention a few, you get espresso candy, white chocolate Amaretto cookies, dark chocolate cookies, and so on. But more importantly, you also get several varieties of incredibly delicious coffee.
Coffee Lover Gift Box Set
Lastly, we got the affordable coffee gift basket which will be an awesome surprise to any coffee lover. While it might not be the most abundant you still get a variety of items including flavored gourmet coffee, Biscotti, frosted cake, hot chocolate, shortbread cookies, and a bag of popcorn. Not really sure what popcorn has to do with coffee, but we'll let that one slide. As mentioned above, since it includes just these mentioned items, it is a great addition to your own gift basket.

That would be all for our list of 17 coffee gift basket ideas. Hopefully, we’ve made your quest for that perfect basket a bit easier.

17 Coffee Gift Basket Ideas That Will Leave Your Coffee Lover Speechless

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