Hippie Gifts for Her – 10 Iconic Summer of Love Gift Ideas for Hippie Girls

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Hippie Gifts for Her

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The Hippie movement was a huge inspiration for many generations to come, and it still is. Even today you’re going to find some lonely hippie in your neighborhood who will still get emotional to the words ‘Summer of Love’ or ‘San Francisco’. Even if it doesn’t mean a lot to you, these words are actually the secret keys to the hippie universe. In this article, we’re not taking into consideration these authentic hippies from the ’60s, but the girls who are nowadays living their lives according to hippie principles. If your girl is a hippie, you already know how much that means to her, so she will surely know to appreciate the nice hippie-inspired gift.

Nostalgic-Art Retro Coffee Mug, Volkswagen Bulli
The vans like this actually existed. Not just existed, they were kind of a hippie trademark – even at a first sight, you knew who was behind the wheel. So the van like this had all the symbols that were important to hippies like flowers or peace symbols everywhere. But the van is the symbol itself. It’s a symbol of love, music, social activism, and being together. That’s why this mug will brighten every day your hippie girl starts with it. Plus, with all those good vibes, it will remind her of you.
Good Vibes Graphic Tee Shirt for Girls
Spreading good vibes is one of the hippie movement imperatives. It’s kinda logic – who would want to hang out with you if you’re spreading bad vibes, right? So, this t-shirt made of cotton blend, soft and comfortable, will make your good vibes hippie girl look casual but stylish. It perfectly fits jeans, but it would go well with the skirts, too. Your hippie girl will know how and where to wear it.
Funny Zen Buddha Yoga Mindfulness Peace Hippy Women T-Shirt
One of the most important sources of inspiration for hippie philosophy was Eastern culture – India, Hare Krishna movement, Buddhism, etc. Even some music elements were imported from eastern tradition – The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have some real masterpieces that contain eastern melodies and instruments. But Eastern wisdom, or philosophy, played an important role, too. ‘Let That Sh*t Go’ wasn’t said by Buddha but hey, you can’t forbid hippies to interpret Buddhism with their own words.
Hippie Yoga Girl Chill The Out Canvas Print Wall Art
The same philosophy, even the same message comes in the form of this piece of wall art. Girl in yoga position, with well-known ornaments and even more popular Yin and Yang sign will bring to your hippie girl’s space an explosion of positive energy. It doesn’t matter is it the living room or the bedroom – this poster will make a creative addition to any space.
7 Natural Stone Chakra Necklace
While we’re still at eastern culture’s impact on the hippie movement, here we have one religious item. It’s called ‘7 stone chakra necklace’, and it has a different colored and different kind of stone for each chakra in our body. Don’t blame me, but I’m not really into it, all I could say about chakras is that they are considered as some most important or main points in our body, and there are seven of them. Anyway, the necklace perfectly fits the hippie outfit, so, your hippie girl will surely be glad to have it.
Harem Hippie Pants for Women's
One of the first items that caught my eye when I started to write this list are these hippie pants. They are simply lovely. There is no hippie girl who wouldn’t like to have one pair of these. The pants have all the features one hippie girl expects from fashion item to have – eastern symbolic like yoga and harem; floral pattern and boho touch. Plus, they are comfortable and made of high-quality material. Simply, these pants are perfect for everyday activities – even if that means being lazy.
Sunny Pro Retro Round Sunglasses
Do you remember John Lennon? Yeah, he wore pair of sunglasses just like these, and actually, he made them so popular among the hippie generation that they are still unavoidable hippie fashion detail. The ones we’ve put on our list have a retro round shape, with polycarbonate and non-polarized lens. They will surely spice up your hippie girl outfit for any occasion. It doesn’t need to be a concert or some special event, they are also convenient for everyday use. In the end, there is no hippie who doesn’t have at least one pair of these in her or his collection.
Retro Bus Peace Sign Blanket
Now, even the hippies need some time to recharge the batteries. It’s not all about being active. When the day calms, a great book and a cup of warm drink are a great way to feel the pulse of the universe. Your hippie girl probably has her favorite place on the couch, and this retro-looking blanket with a ‘peace’ sign on it, will surely make her nights at home even warmer. It’s soft crystal velvet on one side, and super plush warm on the other side, and made of high-quality polyester. That means it’s just fine for people with sensitive skin or allergies and resistant to shrinking and wrinkling.
Hippie Themed Reusable Face Mask
We couldn’t resist but to include this cool face mask on the list. Unfortunately, even the hippies – the most famous freedom lovers in history – are being in danger of pandemic. But at least your hippie girl can choose the motif she will wear on her mask. This cool cat with hippie sunglasses, similar to the ones we’ve mentioned above, surrounded with flowers and ‘peace’ signs will surely make her day brighter. Yeah, we get that there is no place for a face mask in the philosophy of free love, but, hey, safety first.
The Hippies: A 1960s History Illustrated Edition
Now, the times are changing and something that seems so important today, like a face mask, will be just a silly thing tomorrow. In the end, all we have are our memories. Hippies, both girls, and boys, surely have a lot to remember, but since our memories are not always the most reliable thing, this book, an illustrated edition, will help your hippie girl to put the pieces from the past together again. Again, the hippie movement was one of the most significant subcultures during the XX century, and it still remains influential. This book is trying to bring all the most important events and points from its history, and it will surely be a great gift to your hippie girl.
10 Hippie Gifts for Her

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