Gifts for Japan Fans – 11 Fascinating Gifts for Japan Lovers

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Gifts for Japan Fans

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Japan is a country with fascinating culture and tradition but it also continues to fascinate the rest of the world even in the modern age. As much as we’re delighted with their tradition, we’re looking at technology that comes from Japan with the same enthusiasm. It’s not just being smart and hardworking that we appreciate; it’s more about the whole lifestyle and world outlook that takes our breath away.

Of course, there are always people who get even more interested in the topic and start indulging in lifestyle, culture, music, food, or something else. Japan has a lot of fans around the world. It’s one of the most inspiring cultures. That’s why we’ve made this list of essential gifts for every Japan lover. Let’s dive into it, and check what might be the best fit for your favorite Japan fan.

Japanese Tea Cup Green Sasa
Later in the article, we’re going to introduce the whole Japanese matcha tea set, but we couldn’t resist including this nice Japanese ceramic teacup before. It has a very soothing green color with a subtle motif on one side, and simply enhances the relaxed and calming experience of morning or afternoon tea. The only consideration we have about it is that it might get very hot, but when you see it in person, you’ll see it’s worth it.
Artificial Bonsai Tree
Here we have another detail that will make your cup of tea taste better. It’s an artificial bonsai pine tree, made of melamine. Besides looking great and being a great decorative piece, this artificial tree doesn’t require sunlight or watering. That means no hard work – simply relax and enjoy your Japanese cup of tea.
4 Piece Japanese Warrior Canvas Wall Art Print Poster
When it comes to decoration, this canvas will make a lot in bringing the Japanese atmosphere right to your place. It consists of four pieces of the high-quality Japanese art print. I could imagine it hanging in some minimalistic garden, but it would fit anywhere – from the living room and bedroom to the office. The wooden hangers are made of natural oak and the poster is ready to hang without any hassle.
Japanese Snack Assortment 40 pcs of 32 types Full of ‘DAGASHI’
It’s time to spice up things a bit, or, the better word would be to sweeten them. Now if your Japan fan is really into it, she or he will get absolutely delighted with the gift. This snack selection contains a whole lot of Japanese traditional sweets including the ones that would be hard to find at smaller shops. The selection also includes very old-fashioned sweets, but the modern ones as well. So, we suppose you and your Japanese lover are going to have a whole lot of fun eating them, even if it’s for the first time.
Happy Sales Japanese Sake Set
It doesn’t matter whether or not your Japan fan loves to drink sake; this sake set is going to be a pleasant surprise. The set comes in nice packaging containing one sake pot and four sake cups. All the pieces are made with traditional Japanese technology, and the cherry blossoms on the outside are hand-drawn by Japanese artisans. So it’s a piece of natural ceramic and thus really safe to use, but also dishwasher and microwave safe. You simply can’t go wrong with this heart-warming sake set.
Artcome Japanese Matcha Tea Set
While we are still at sets and traditional Japanese drinks, this item is one of the must-have sets for every Japanese fan. One of the most important traditions is the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Of course, we’re talking about matcha tea. The set contains nine items, and all of them are made of natural bamboo or natural ceramics, and each set is handcrafted. The pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe and come with a nice flower pattern design. Even if your Japanese fan has all of these, she or he surely wouldn’t mind getting the set like this. I’m sure I wouldn’t.
Set of 4 Japanese Throw Pillow Covers
Some of the widely-spread Japan-themed home decorations are pillow covers. You’ll easily find them even in homes of not so devoted Japanese tradition followers because of how they look. The Japan-inspired pillow covers always come with a nice pattern and cherry blossoms. Flowers and cherry-red colors have a relaxing effect on our eyes and mind. Here we have a set of four square, soft and comfortable pillow covers that will fit into any room décor. If your Japanese fan doesn’t have one, go with this, you can’t go wrong.
Lonely Planet Japan (Country Guide)
Even if your Japanese fan friend doesn’t plan a trip to Japan, this book might give some firsthand information about how Japan looks and lives. The book offers all the information that you don’t get from movies or commercials. On the other side, if she or he plans a trip to Japan, this book practically has all that’s needed – phone numbers, websites, addresses, interesting places, and advice for every budget. Also, it’s worth noting, it comes with maps, cultural insights, and honest reviews every traveler needs. So, don’t hesitate, go and purchase it, it’s really useful.
Samurai Sword Letter Opener
Even if sending letters is not so popular anymore, like it used to be in the past, this samurai sword-inspired letter opener would be a great gift for any Japanese traditional lover. She or he doesn’t even need to use it for opening letters – it’s a nice decorative item that would fit into any home design. It looks nice and exotic, but don’t underestimate it –the blade is made of stainless steel and it really does the job.
ZooBoo Women Japanese Kimono Cardigan
We’ve left the basics for the end. What’s a Japan fan without a kimono? You tell me. We’ll start with the female version of the kimono. It’s relaxing and comfortable in the first place, and really a lightweight piece of wardrobe. On the other side, even if the manufacturer says it’s suitable for every occasion, we find it most suitable for home use. It gives such a sensual and sexy touch to the women that no guy could resist. Simply said – it’s a must-have.
Men's Japanese Traditional Kimono
If your Japanese fan friend is a male, this kimono is the right pick for you. My wife wouldn’t mind me wearing it around a hot tub, even though I’m not an athlete-looking guy – I wouldn’t either. It’s made of soft and breathable fabric, and it’s lightweight and soft to the touch. There’s no real Japan fan who wouldn’t be delighted to get a one like this.

And that would be all for our list of Japanese tradition-inspired gifts. Like the traditional Japanese saying says ‘Ten men, ten colors’ – if you haven’t found what you’ve been looking for from these 11 items, keep on searching and you’ll find it.

Gifts for Japan Fans

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