12 Gifts for Vegan Girls Who Already Get Enough Protein

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Vegans in general, but especially females, are extremely proud of their lifestyle, and I must admit that’s not for no reason. The sole fact that you’re vegan means you’re already saving other’s lives. Of course, you won’t change the world, but you’re doing as much as you can. It’s philosophy close to the zero waste movement, and these two lifestyles often go arm in arm. But let’s leave the theory behind and see what would be the best gift to buy for your vegan girl.

Vegan AF Coffee Mug
The best way to start a gift list for a vegan girl is with a coffee mug. This one says “Vegan AF” and that might give you a spark of how these girls are proud of their vegan lifestyle. The mug is simple, minimalistic, and carries the right message. Any vegan girl, at least the ones I know, would like to have it in the office while drinking her first coffee in her working space. Besides being nice to the eye, the both-side print won’t fade out and the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.
‘Keep Calm and Carrot on Vegan’ Keychain
Even if your vegan girl lives an unconventional lifestyle that doesn’t mean she is not a girl. And do you remember the old song which says 'diamonds are a girl’s best friend'? OK, maybe I’m exaggerating it since you’re not going to buy her diamonds, but a decent, simple, and funny piece of jewelry in the carrot shape. She won’t refuse it. Actually, a vegan keychain like this will be a great addition to her everyday look. Besides, the keychain is hypo-allergenic and won’t fade or rust, so, it’s one of the must-have everyday items.
Premium Black Vegan Leather Choker and Collar Necklace with Spikes
Another pretty interesting gift would be a vegan leather choker and collar necklace. It’s lightweight and nice-looking fashion detail with a significantly longer length than most chokers on the market. Also, it comes with 4 adjustable snaps and will fit almost anybody. It’s edgy and eye-captivating and we just know that your vegan girl is always ready for something provocative. In the end, did I mention it’s made of vegan leather?
Vintage Women's Slim Punk Rock Jacket
Now that your vegan girl has a choker necklace with spikes, here is another unavoidable piece of punk-rock fashion. It’s a slim leather jacket, of course, made of vegan or faux leather. Besides, it will go nice with the choker necklace. Your vegan girl can wear it on almost any occasion. It’s comfortable and pretty and it’s more than a great casual jacket.
Women Vegan Leather Wallet
Another great fashion detail made of vegan leather, but also an item any of us can’t live without is this great-looking wallet. It would go great with the leather jacket, but it would fit into any other dressing style. It has a large capacity – you could put an iPhone 6 in the inner zipper bag. Anyway, great design and high-quality vegan leather will surely impress your vegan girl.
Plants Get Me. Blue Q Women's Funny Ankle Socks, for plant lovers
And now something completely different – funny ankle socks. They might not seem elegant but they are cozy and made of high-quality material. They fit 5-10 women’s shoe size, which means pretty much all. Besides being plant-friendly, 1% of the sale goes to the humanitarian work of Doctors Without Borders, which is another plus your vegan girl will surely know to appreciate.
Unicorn Dreams 3 in 1 - Whipped Bath Soap & Shave Cream - Moisturizer for Women
Besides fashion, the cosmetic industry is becoming the place where you can find a whole variety of cruelty-free products, which surely wasn’t the case a few decades ago. Every vegan girl is looking for this – PETA-approved personal hygiene product. Besides being cruelty-free, vegan, and made with a love of natural ingredients, this shower gel and body cleanser has a lovely delicate fragrance and really does the job. It does it so well that it perfectly fits even to a child’s sensitive skin. In the end, I must admit it looks really cute.
Crystal Deodorant - Mineral Roll on Vegan Deodorant for Women and Men
Another cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic item comes in the shape of roll-on deodorant for women and men. It comes with the scent of pomegranate and it’s one of the first natural deodorants on the market ever. It’s tested by a dermatologist and thus hypoallergenic, leaves no stains or white stretch marks. It’s free of any artificial ingredients, chemicals, or plastic but it is also effective. It protects your body from bad odors for 24 hours at the same time allowing your body to function naturally.
Leopard Moisturizing Matte Lipstick Set
Besides diamonds, lipsticks are girl’s best friends, right? Here we have a set containing six of them, with six different colors, from deep to light. With this set, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for any occasion. Also, the lipsticks passed the FDA inspection, and thus they are cruelty-free and vegan. And guess what? They are waterproof and the quality is guaranteed.
Small Makeup Bag
Here we have one more item that is water-resistant, just like the lipsticks above. I thought your vegan girl might need a small makeup bag to put all those lipsticks and other makeup inside and have them for unexpected meetings. My choice would be this gentle and soft lavender-colored purse, but you can choose between whole varieties of colors. Anyway, the bag is made of vegan leather, which means it’s cruelty-free so your vegan girl can freely enjoy her fancy and elegant look.
Luxury Organic Bath Bombs for Girls and Women
Whether your vegan girl likes ‘50 Shades…’ or not, she’s going to love these bath bombs. At the end of the day, being vegan or not, our bodies are just screaming for something such as a hot tub. These bath bombs with flowery scents are made in the USA out of organic ingredients and with essential oils, and I’m sure there’s no vegan girl who wouldn’t like to try them. Coconut oil, sunflower seeds, and a lot of love are going to make your vegan girl feels great.
Where Do I Get My Protein? Bitch Peas Notebook: 6x9 110 Pages Dot-Grid Vegan Journal For Vegans & Vegetarians
I’ve left this great notebook with funny covers for the end. Yeah, we’ve all heard that buzz about vegans and proteins and we all know vegan girl’s answer to it. So, if your vegan girl likes to takes notes, make lists, or even writes down her thoughts, and if you are close enough, then this would be the perfect gift for her. Like the manufacturer says, the notebook is not too thick nor too thin – 120 pages are just enough.
12 Gifts for Vegan Girls Who Already Get Enough Protein

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