Jack Russell Themed Gifts – 12 Perfect Items for Jack Russell Terrier Lovers

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These short-legged and charming dogs have a really huge fan base. Frasier and his Jack Russell terrier named Moose maybe played an important role in the popularization of this breed, but Jack Russell terriers would make it, anyway, on their own.

They are known for being active and frisky, in such a manner that it seems that their slogan is “keep on moving”. If you’re one of the Jack Russell terrier owners, then you probably already know all the myths and legends which follow this breed, but the facts, too. If you’re just a friend of a Jack Russell’s owner then you probably know that this relationship means more than love. So, let’s get straight to the perfect gifts for Jack Russell lovers.

All You Need is Love and a Jack Russell - Wooden Stand Up Box Sign
This rustic wooden sign box, that can freely sit on a table or a shelf, or you can hang it on the wall, will be a great way to show off the love you have of your Jack Russell Terrier. It’s sturdy built and rustic, and this minimalistic, black and white-colored box, will make a great addition to any home décor. It will also be a great gift to every truly devoted Jack Russell lover.
‘It’s Not Dog Hair It’s Jack Russell Glitter’ Black Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Cover
Another simple and minimalistic, yet great-looking item that will bring a smile to the face of every Jack Russell owner is this throw pillow cover. Yeah, you probably know these proud owners, even being tortured, won’t admit that their cutie is leaving hair all around the place. On the other side, the throw pillow is made of high-quality black cotton linen and would fit into home, office, even into a garden thus being a great gift for any Jack Russell fan. Also, it’s easy to keep it clean from all the Jack Russell glitter, so just go and purchase it, you surely won’t regret it.
Funny Jack Russell Terrier Mug
This high-quality two-side printed mug is a great way to show off how proud you are to be a Jack Russell Terrier owner, even if he/she appears to be naughty from time to time. On the other side if you’re buying it as a gift to a proud Jack Russell’s owner, then this might be the funny way to tell what you truly think about her or his pet. Anyway, it’s a great-looking mug to start a day with.
‘A Spoiled Jack Russell Lives Here’ Home Sign
Here we have another great but sarcastic way to gift your friend who owns Jack Russell. It’s a nice home sign made of PVC that comes with a rope hanger and looks rustic and warm at the same time. If you’re buying it for your own home, then you’ll know that there is nothing mean meant here – just a bit of sweet irony (or self-irony).
Happy Jack Russell Terrier with Glasses
While some of the previous items had a rustic touch, here we have one masterpiece that looks like it’s inspired by the works of Andy Warhol. The colorful Jack Russell Terrier is printed on high-quality cotton, and the print itself is fade-resistant. I must admit it looks like it’s coming right from the end of the sweet ’60s and even if not being rustic, it still is a vintage piece of pop-art-inspired home décor.
Hanging Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
Since the spring is here you’re probably trying to spend as much as possible of your time in nature, or, at least outdoors. This item is suitable for both, indoor and outdoor, but, at least to me, it looks like it would be a great addition to your small peaceful garden, or at least balcony. I just wouldn’t let it hang somewhere inside, hidden from the sun.
Jack Russell Terrier Tote Bag by Pet Studio Art
Here we have another sweet gift that goes nicely with your pet’s breed but the spring, too. It’s a great piece of handcrafted artwork that will also serve a purpose. You can use it for grocery shopping or carrying your Jack Russell’s snacks. Or carrying whatever else you need as long as it fits inside. It’s simple, great looking, and environmentally-friendly. It also might be a suitable item for featuring on our list of best gifts for zero wasters.
Jack Russell Themed Foozys Unisex Crew Socks
Can you imagine yourself or your friend wearing pair of these? Well, the old Latin saying says “in matters of taste, there can be no disputes”, and I would agree with that. Although these socks might look too weird to you, they are cute. I mean, every Jack Russell lover would find them cute. Besides being cute they are warm and cozy on one side, and durable, and long-lasting on the other.
Jack Russell Terrier Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass
Since I’m a huge wine lover, I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to include this great stainless steel wine glass on the list. If you’re a wine lover like me, but you’re at the same time a huge Jack Russell’s fan, then this is the right gift for you. It’s a great product, made in the USA, and every glass of wine, with this Jack Russell-themed glass, will be even more joyful.

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Comfortable Printed Mask - Hand Drawn Jack Russell Terrier Doodles
And while the two previous items were about uncovering our bodies, here we have something completely different. It’s a face mask, and it almost became an unavoidable item on our gift lists. On the other side, it’s an unavoidable fashion item in our everyday life, so, if you have to have it, why not give it some personality. This one comes with a bunch of Jack Russell Terriers and it’s made of eco-friendly material, it is reusable and comfortable. If you’re a Jack Russell fan, you surely already have one face mask featuring your favorite pet’s breed, but this one is minimalistic and good-looking, so it’s one of the must-have items.
12 Perfect Items for Jack Russell Terrier Lovers

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