12 Adorable Matching Dog and Owner Gifts Perfect for Any Dog Lover and his Companion

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Finding the perfect gift for a dog lover in your life can be challenging. There are numerous choices online, but finding the one that will hit the right note, that’s something else. However, there is an option that’s adorable and often overlooked – matching dog and owner gifts.

So, in this article, we are going to focus exactly on that. We got some incredibly cute presents in line, and best of all, they won’t break the bank.

Matching Dog Collar Bow Tie & Owner Friendship Bracelet
We are starting or list strong, and the first gift we picked is the matching bow tie dog collar and the friendship bracelet for the owner. We found this product at Pettsie and it is the first of several you'll see today. While judging from the price it might not seem like it, but this is a quality product. It is made from hemp which is extremely durable and soft to the touch. However, there is one drawback to this present, it fits only small and medium-size dogs.
Face Mask & Bandana & Scrunchie Set
Here is another very cute product intended for female dog owners. The set comes with a bandana for the dog, and the face mask and scrunchie for your female dog lover. The bandana will fit pretty much any size dog, but it is intended for larger breeds. As the first product on our list, this one is also high-quality and made to last. You can select it in two main colors. The pink, and yellow, but the one in pink seems a bit more popping in our opinion.
Matching Pajamas for Couples, Dog, and Owner
If you liked two of our previous choices, you'll love this one. It is the matching pajamas set for your dog lover, and his or her dog. They are essentially plaid pajamas, and they look great. The best thing about this gift is that you can get the matching set for men, women, and even the toddler. They are very comfortable, and due to the microfleece fabric, and your giftees are guaranteed to love it.
Ayunjia Dog Hat,Pet Baseball Cap Sport Hat Dog Mom/Dad
Here is another great gift for the dog lover in your life, and his/her dog. It is a set of matching dog hat and baseball hat for the owner. It comes in beautiful baby blue color, and it is a perfect match for any outfit - both for dogs and humans. It is made from quality canvas which ensures breathability, and that is a must for hot summer days on the horizon. You got 4 different adjustable sizes to choose from when it comes to dogs, while the owner's hat is adjustable.
Meiligo Fashion 2 Pcs Best Friends Friendship Gold Silver Dog Bone Charm Tag Necklace
Next in the line is one of the more affordable gifts on our list, but that doesn't mean it is any less special. The 2-piece, tag for the dog, and necklace for the owner are made with the bone motif. One is hollow while the other one is carved which makes them a perfect match signifying the bond between the two. You can choose it in two colors, gold, and silver, but silver seems more suitable in our opinion.
Burrito/Taquito Matching Dog Shirt & Owner T-Shirt
Our list simply wouldn't be complete without a proper matching t-shirt. This one is one of the best in our opinion, and it has a humorous side to it. The owner's t-shirt simply states 'burrito' while the one for the dog says 'taquito'. It is cute and adorable. A perfect present for any dog owner and his dog. Best of all you got numerous colors to choose from, so finding your giftee's favorite one shouldn't be the problem. Besides this, you also got numerous size options both for the dog, and the owner.
Family Clothes for Dog Pitbull Dog Clothes
While you can see the Pitbull breed mentioned above, don't let that fool you. You can get this set for pretty much any dog. However, this is more of a specialized gift, and it is intended only for the female population. This beautiful sweatshirt set comes in only one option, the white/black striped, but it still looks amazing. It is made from cotton, and it is incredibly comfortable. Surely a perfect option when it comes to matching dog and owner gifts.
Pooper/Scooper Matching Dog Shirt & Owner T-Shirt
One of our top recommendations, mainly because we love the humor, is this popper/scooper t-shirt set. You can already guess which one is intended for who. The material of choice is pre-shrunk cotton which makes both of these shirts extremely comfortable as well as durable. The set comes in four different color options, but whichever one you choose, you won't make a mistake. However, the stocks on these are limited, and if you want one, you better hurry up.
Kingbell Dog Lover Gift Best Friends
The cheapest gift on our list is this split bone dog tag, and necklace for owners. It is similar to one of our previous gifts listed above, but this one is special in its own way. The set is decent quality, and it is made to last. You can get it in silver, or gold finish, but just as with the previous gift, we suggest the one in silver. It simply looks better in our opinion.
I Need Coffee/I'm A Latte to Handle
Just in case you were wondering, we are not done with wearable gifts yet. This next one would be a perfect present for any dog lover, but also for anyone who likes coffee. The t-shirt for the owner states ' I need coffee', while the one for the dog displays 'I'm latte to handle'. Just like some of the other gifts on our list, this one is also intended exclusively for women. It is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton which makes it comfortable, and long-lasting. When it comes to color options, you got 4 choices.
Matching Dog and Owner Tshirts, Gift Set - Fur Mama/Fur Baby
As you can conclude from the writing on these tees, they are intended for fur mommas. The set is actually a bit more extensive compared to some of the others on our list, and besides the tees, you also get the bandana for the dog and the infinity scarf for the owner. The material of choice is ring-spun cotton both for the owner, and dog shirt. You got numerous sizes to choose from, and you can definitely pick the right one for both. The only downside to it in our opinion is the lack of color choices.
Yeahbudddy Parent-Pets Clothes
Lastly, we got another set of sweatshirts for the mommy and the dog. It is made from 100% cotton, and it comes with an inspiring message as well. The dog sweatshirt also has a clever design that ensures comfort and coolness. You got two colors to choose from- gray, and pink. The pink in our opinion looks much better. In the end, it is another great idea for a present which will keep both owner and pet cozy.

That would be all for our list of matching dog and owner gifts. We gave you some great choices, but whichever one you choose, you’re guaranteed the results.

Matching Dog and Owner Gifts

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