Sunflower Gift Ideas – 10 Impressive Sunflower Themed Gifts

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Sunflower Gift Ideas

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Sunflower is a plant with special energy and it contains a lot of symbolism. In many cultures, it’s often associated with happiness mainly because it radiates light and warmth. Thus, it is no surprise there are so many passionate sunflower fans. Even famous painter Van Gogh was impressed with the sunflowers and made two series of paintings inspired by them. He belonged to the art movement called ‘Impressionism’ and sunflowers are pretty impressive, don’t you think? So, what would be the most impressive gift for a passionate sunflower lover? Let’s try to guess.

Sunflower Stainless Steel Tumbler
As per usual we’ll start this gift list with the mug, actually the tumbler. The spring is just around the corner and we’re sure you’re going to spend some time outside, in nature, with your friends and family. This bright mug covered with a sunflower pattern will definitely make a sunny day in nature even more joyful. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel and it is BPA-free so it’s absolutely safe to use.
Sunflower Necklace for Women
Necklaces are always a great choice for a gift. The same goes for this necklace, except it comes with a 14k gold plated sunflower and an engraved letter of your choice. We suppose it will be the letter of the name of your beloved sunflower lover, but it’s up to you. It will surely be a nice and discreet addition to any outfit bringing light and happiness wherever it comes.
Sunflower-Themed Wallet for Women
Just like the necklace, the wallet is the item we always carry with us. You never know when you might need your ID, credit card, or some money. That’s why the wallet covers are a convenient way to express ourselves or in the other words to put some detail to remind us of what is most important to us. This wallet is made of vegan leather and comes with a smooth zip around it. It comes covered with sunflowers, and let’s hope, besides sun and light, these are going to bring some money to your beloved sunflower fan.
Sunflower in Glass LED Lamp
I don’t know about you, but this sunflower glass dome looks impressive enough to me. It’s made of high-quality durable material and it looks like a pretty creative piece of work. It will look great on the table or any other flat surface – I imagine it standing in the small minimalistic garden during the joyful spring evenings. However, it will surely be a nice fit for your sunflower lover.
Sunflowers Vintage Wood Print Round Wall Clock
This sunflower-themed and extremely quiet wall clock will give some rustic touch to any home or kitchen décor. It looks great but still serves the purpose. It’s made of environmentally-friendly materials like wood and glass texture, and it’s very easy to hang since it comes with a hook. It operates using only one AA battery which, depending on the quality, can be used for more than a year.
French Sunflower Ceramic Dinnerware Set
Now, if you want to give your everyday life a serious touch of sunflower energy, this dinnerware set is the right pick for you. It’s extremely well-made and the sunflower motif is hand-painted. The set includes dinner plates, salad/dessert plates, ice-cream bowls, and mugs, and it’s actually a dinnerware set for four people. It’s dishwasher safe and microwave safe but only for reheating. It looks gorgeous and this is a must-have item for every real sunflower fan.
Sunflower Blanket with Double Sided Print
When it comes to early spring evenings they can be pretty cold, even if you don’t spend them in your backyard watching the starry sky on the moonshine. After an exhausting day at work, one needs just a good book, a favorite drink, and a bit of warmth. This is the moment when our next item comes to the stage. It’s a lightweight yet really warm blanket, made of high-quality microfiber polyester. The most important thing is that it’s painted with a sunflower pattern, so your sunflower lover can joyfully relax while taking a nap at home.
Sunflower Canvas Wall Art
While we are still at home décor, you won’t leave your walls blank, right? A nice and discreet way to add a dash of sunflower fields comes in the shape of this three-piece wall art panel. It’s quality made, stretched on wooden frames with hooks, and ready to hang. The prints are waterproof, UV, and fade-resistant, and will be a great fit for any place – whether it’s the living or dining room, or the bedroom.
Sunflower Throw Pillow Covers
We’ve already mentioned a blanket, but there are other ways to cover your sofa or couch with sunflowers. These four throw pillow covers will surely serve the purpose. They are made of high-quality grade velvet with double-sided print resistant to fading. Besides being nice to the eye, these pillow covers are soft to the touch, comfortable, and absolutely safe even for sensitive skin. Any sunflower lover would agree that it’s hard to imagine any pleasant space without items like these. Believe me.
Sunflower Shower Curtain Sets with Non-Slip Rug, Toilet Lid Cover and Bath Mat
While all of the home décor sunflower-inspired items we’ve listed so far can fit almost any place, this item can’t. It’s designed for decorating bathrooms. If you take a look at the thumbnail on the left, you’ll see how they all together look, and that they can really give a dash of life to your sunflower lover’s bathroom. All the items in the set are high-quality and made of environmentally-friendly, yet soft and durable materials.
Sunflower-Themed Sport Band Compatible with Apple Watch Bands
If you have thought that all of the items on our list are going to be of rustic style, you were wrong. We’ve left this ultra-modern item for the end. It’s a sunflower-themed sport band compatible with Apple watch bands. The band is made of premium silicone material and printed with high-quality technology. Also, it’s sweat and water-resistant and easy to install or remove. It’s a very comfortable and super cute gift for any real sunflower fan.
Sunflower Themed Gifts

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