12 Phenomenal Gifts for BMW Owners They’ll Cherish for Life

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Gifts for BMW Owners

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Even though I might not own a BMW at the moment, it was actually my first car. This Bavarian brand is special in its own way, and their cars are certainly unique. While some car enthusiasts might not agree with the latest design approach they certainly established a worldwide fan base. Because of that, we are bringing you this list of stunning gifts for BMW owners.
Each of the gifts is hand-picked by a true car enthusiast, and they are all guaranteed to make an impact, regardless of the price. Without further ado, let’s dive in and check them all out.

PUMA Men's BMW Motorsport T7 Tee
Just as with every other list we did on this subject, we are going to start it with some apparel. The first in line is this beautiful BMW t-shirt. It is not tacky in any way, but rather sleek, stylish, and minimalistic. A perfect gift for any BMW owner regardless of personal taste. It is made from 100% cotton which ensures comfort and longevity. You got 10 different colors and designs to choose from, but our personal favorite is this one in all black. It is a gift you BMW lover will cherish for a long time, and you can't go wrong with it.
PUMA BMW Motorsport mens Bmw M Motorsport Full Zip Hoodie
If you want to go for a piece of apparel, this might be even a better choice. It is a BMW sweatshirt made by Puma. Of course, it is more suitable for colder days, but this gift is going to make a huge impact and last for a very long time thanks to its quality, and the materials it's made from. As with the previous item on our list, you got numerous options to choose from. There are several which stand out, but our favorite are the ones in white, both with a plain logo and with a motorsport design.
BMW Men BMW Leather Watch
Before we move on to the BMW accessories, we got one accessory any BMW owner will love and cherish. The item in question is this beautiful BMW watch which besides the stunning design offers great quality. Just as with the cars from this Bavarian brand, this watch also has an aggressive design and features a recognizable configuration. Although it is more of a luxury gift, it is the one that will make a big impression on your giftee. If you are not buying on the budget, you should definitely consider this one.
Car Styling Stickers Carbon Fiber Car Hood Sticker Decals M Performance
Now, it is time to move on to vehicle accessories, and as a car guy, I can promise you that most of them will be to your recipient's liking. But in the end, it is still up to personal preference. Car stickers in general can be designed tastefully, and this is a perfect example. This particular one is a great addition to an aggressive hood design. It is not tacky in any way, and it complements the car well. You got four colors to choose from, and each one looks great in its own way.
Renn Motorsport 15MM 5x120 Wheel Spacers with Bolts
Next, we got something that pretty much any BMW owner will love. It is a set of wheel spacers that do wonders to the overall stance of the car. These are made by Renn, and their quality is impressive. The material of choice is aluminum which makes them light and durable. However, before you decide to go for this one, you have to do a bit of digging on the model of the person you're buying them for. These will fit perfectly to F10 F82 F32 F80 F30, and F22. You get two pieces in the package, and most importantly the longer bolts which are necessary for installation.
RUXIFEY LED Side Marker Turn Signal
Next, we got some well-designed LED side markers. Again, this small modification is more of a personal choice, and it might not be received well by someone who is all about originality. So, before you even consider a gift like this, you have to keep in mind your giftee's preference. As mentioned above, these are LED and they come with a smoked lens which will fit well any BMW car. However, they are not universal, and you have to refer to the product description to make sure that they are compatible with the car you're buying them for.
Tukellen for BMW Genuine Leather Key Fob Cover
This item on our list of gifts for BMW owners is a great affordable present that will be accepted with open hands. It is a leather key fob cover that is quality-made and built to last. It comes in two different designs and four different colors, which you can use to your advantage to pair with the car's color scheme. However, it is again one of those presents which you need to buy with care. Compatibility must be checked before the purchase to ensure the right fit. You don't want to throw your money away and buy an unusable present.
2-Pieces High-Grade License Plate Frame for BMW
If you don't want to worry about compatibility we got a perfect gift idea for a BMW lover in your life. It is the license plate frame with the badge of a brand. Car guys simply love this stuff, and they prefer it over the generic ones you can buy at any auto parts store. These particular ones are made from stainless steel, and they are guaranteed to last for a very long time. Besides this, you get all the necessary tools and accessories to make an installation a breeze. It is simple and affordable, yet a great idea for our list of gifts for BMW owners.
Car Trunk Organizer For BMW
Here is another universal gift that many of us could use. It is a collapsible trunk organizer, and this one is done with a BMW owner in mind. It has the BMW Motorsport logo on it and a great design any enthusiast of this brand will love. The overall quality is on the desired level, and the handles on the side make it easily movable, and a breeze to handle. When it comes to size, it is 19.6 inches long, 12.5 inches wide, and 10 inches high. That should be enough to store and organize a variety of items in any trunk.
LED Car Door Light Projector Courtesy LED
The last BMW accessory on our list is a bit controversial. It is one of those things you either love or hate. The item in question is the LED door light projector which displays the BMW logo when you open the door. As we just mentioned, it is a gift you should buy with care, and with a reference to the personal taste of the owner. If you think it is the right one, keep in mind that you have to check the compatibility. When it comes to installation, it is very easy - all you have to do is pop the door lights out, and plug these in.
FJNS Prints On Canvas, Wall Art Poster 5 Panel Wall Decor
Lastly, we got two more incredible presents that go under the wall-decor category. These types of presents are very desirable, and they are great to decorate the living space or even the work area. The first one we have in mind is this 5-panel piece which portrays some of the BMW classic models. The quality is on a high level, and best of all, it is not a present which will break the bank. However, if your giftee is not single, you might want to advise with the spouse or girlfriend before buying such a gift.
MINSEOK Watercolor Car Posters Room Decor
Lastly, we got one more piece of wall art which is more of an artistic piece. It is done in watercolor, and it portrays some of BMW's classic models. The overall size is A3, and it is a perfect wall piece. However, to truly make it a gift any BMW enthusiast will cherish, it would be best if you frame it as well. It does require a bit of effort on your part, but it is also one of the gifts which will make a huge impact, although you can consider it extremely affordable. if you are looking for a great gift on the budget, this is the one to go for.

And with that, we are ending our list of gifts for BMW owners. All of them were carefully picked, and whichever one you choose, you’ll hit the bull’s eye, guaranteed…

12 Phenomenal Gifts for BMW Owners They'll Cherish for Life

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