70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad That Will Leave Him Speechless

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Buying a gift for a 70-year-old dad can be a quite challenging task. They have all those years behind them that defined a particular taste only they’re familiar with. Besides that, they already have most of the material things that most young people strive for. However, you can use little tips and tricks to find gifts all men of that age would like, and that’s exactly what we did. We’ve found 15 70th birthday gift ideas for dad that will leave them speechless. Results are guaranteed, all you have to do is pick your favorite one.

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame 10.1 Inch
Here is one of the best gifts you can get for your 70-year-old dad. it is an incredible picture frame from Nixplay that will allow you to share photos and video clips instantly through email and the app. It has an HD display, and you can even mount it on the wall. Best of all, you can create a network with your siblings, and they can all contribute to special family moments that your dad will be able to witness almost instantaneously. While our ideal pick is 10.1 inches, you got several different options to choose from. You can get it in 9.7, 13.3, or 15.6 inches.
Jillmo Whiskey Decanter Set
Here is something any dad will love, but only if he likes to enjoy a sip of his favorite drink from time to time. It is a Jillmo Whiskey decanter set that would be a great addition to his office or a man cave. It is simply an incredible birthday gift. It is handcrafted, and your dad will be able to use any drink he desires. The maximum capacity is 42 ounces, and the set comes with 2 heavy-duty, old-school whiskey glasses. It is one of our favorite picks, and you definitely can't go wrong with it.
SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q60T Series
Another activity men tend to indulge in when they retire is watching sports. Help your dad get the best possible experience with this incredible Samsung 65-inch television. It is the pinnacle of TV technology, and it is a perfect gift for a 70-year-old dad. While the one we picked is 65-inch in size, you also got several other options. Size-wise you can get this TV ranging from 43 inches, all the way to massive 85 inches.
Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair
Is there a better gift out there for an aged person than a massage chair? I personally do not think so. While it is a present that requires a higher budget, it is also the one that will bring a lot of joy. This massage chair from Real Relax is simply amazing, and it is a true bargain. It offers a full body massage and six auto modes. You can also set the customized massage and activate the zones to your wishes. It comes in three colors - black, blue, and brown, and if that's one of your dad's favorite colors, you've got the winner.
Handcrafted Cedar Humidor with Front Digital Hygrometer
The next one with got in line is the elegant piece which could again be a great addition to any office or even a man cave. It is a glass-top cedar cigar humidifier that your dad will love. However, it is a specified gift, and it will only make a great present in case your dad likes to enjoy a cigar from time to time. If that is not the case, you might be better off with one of our other picks.
Philip Whitney Family Tree Picture Frame
Here's an incredible gift that will leave your dad speechless. It is Phillip Whitney family tree picture frame that you can use to display some of his favorite photos. Whether it's his friends, kids, grandchildren, or memories from your favorite activities, you're guaranteed to hit just the right note. It is exactly the gifts like this that make the most impact even though they do not really cost that much.
Wisco 421 Pizza Oven
Here is the item that will make your dad a hero to his grandchildren. It is a Wisco Pizza oven that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It uses electricity instead of gas, or coal which in the end makes it less of a hustle. Besides this, although it is a piece of technology, it is an extremely simple one, and even seniors can use it without any difficulty. Lastly, while it cooks pizza to perfection, he will be able to cook anything that comes up to his mind.
Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Soothing Heat
You know how it is when high year numbers come. It is all about practicality and functionality. For that reason, we got one more item that will bring your dad relief from pain. It is Shiatsu neck massager which offers 8 kneading massage nodes. Help your dad alleviate neck stiffness, muscle pain, and in the end relax. It is a great gift that is easy, and safe to use, and your dad will be able to take it anywhere with him.
Best Dad ever T-Shirt
What would our list of 70th birthday gift ideas for dad be without an awesome Best Dad Ever T-shirt? This one is not elaborate in any way, but it doesn't need to be. it sends the clear message who's the best dad, and that's all that matters. You got numerous colors to choose from, and you'll definitely be able to find the favorite color for your dad. If he is a Star Wars fan, we got even a better option. It is this incredible shirt stating 'Best Dad in Galaxy'. It is a great gift, and you won't go wrong with it, whichever one you choose.
PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
As men get old they tend to enjoy outdoor activities significantly more. All of the hobbies and sports they weren't able to take on due to the busy schedule in their young days can now be explored. One of the activities you could encourage your dad to try out if he already didn't, is fishing. This fishing rod and reel combo is a perfect starting point. You get everything you need to enjoy your day at fishing in one package. If he decides to get more serious, you can help him build up his kit.
DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set
Another behavioral pattern men tend to comply with as they retire is the addition of numerous projects which were either left from the past, or something they always wanted to do. Whether it is a car, an old bike, or something entirely different, you need good tools to finish it successfully. As someone who has a collection of tools, I got a perfect piece for your dad. It is a Dewalt 192-piece mechanic toolset that has pretty much anything your dad will need. Even if he wants to tackle simple fixes around a house, this tools set will be of huge help.
Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill
As I mentioned above, men of that age are done running after material things. They are all about life enjoyment, and this propane grill is exactly the thing that helps achieve just that. As it says in the name, it is powered by propane, however, keep in mind that the tank is not included in the package. It is made from stainless steel which ensures durability for years to come while the porcelain-coated grease pan allows for easy maintenance. It is one of the best grills out there, and it won't break the bank.
Hike Crew Deluxe Dad BBQ Tools Gift Set
Whether you decide to go for the grill or not, here is something that is a great addition if he enjoys cooking for the family. It is a Hike Crew deluxe barbecue set that comes with six utensils. You even get the bottle opener integrated into one of the tools. The whole set looks and is quality made. It is protected by a sleek aluminum carrying case, which plays a major role when it comes to practicality as well.

That would be all for our 70th birthday gift ideas for dad. We gave you 15 incredible choices, and whichever gift you pick, you’ll hit the bull’s eye, guaranteed…

70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad That Will Leave Him Speechless

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