18 Purrfect Gifts for Black Cat Lovers

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Cat lovers are specific people, absolutely different from regular pet owners. But wait to meet the black cat lovers. I must admit there is some magic in the black cats, and all kinds of beliefs and superstitions are associated with them. I still don’t get what’s all the drama about them? I don’t get it, but there are a bunch of people who do. They just adore black cats. Such kind of devotion deserves respect, so I’ve made a list of the best gifts for black cat lovers.

The Wild Republic Black Cat Plush Toy
Whether you’re going to buy it as a gift to yourself or your kitty, this fluffy toy made of high-quality fabric will withstand the love from both of you. It’s realistic and cuddly and will make a great companion to your real kitty or your kids. Anyway, it will surely find its way to your hearts, and become a real family member.
Decole Cat Mug and Spoon
It’s impossible to make a gift list without a mug. This time is the same, but the mug looks special. If you’re a black tubby cat owner you’ll immediately fall in love with it. It’s made of ceramic, and features a black cat, while the mug handle looks like a long curvy cat’s tail. The final and the cutest touch to it is the little ceramic spoon in the shape and colors of a real black cat. It’s the greatest combination of the mug and the spoon I’ve seen so far. It’s both, dishwasher and microwave safe and simply said, it is a great gift.
Coffee Mug with Cute Soft Silicone Cat Lid
Here we have another must-have coffee mug. The mug itself is made of high-quality ceramic, but the lid that comes with it is made of soft silica gel. Though the manufacturer emphasizes how kneadable and squeezable this lid that has the shape and looks of a cat’s head is, I would say its main purpose is to keep your coffee free of dust from the air. In the end, this creative and interesting mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and it’s one of the cutest gifts for every black cat lover.
Matani Metal Cat Wall Art
If you prefer minimalistic design you’ll just love this black steel wall décor piece of art. Having in mind that it presents two black cats – female and male – you’ll probably love it even more if you’re in a happy relationship. Thus, this pair of black cats make a great gift for love anniversaries but it will work even as an everyday reminder of your beloved one and you. As per my opinion, it would suit best in the bedroom, but it will make a great decoration anywhere in your place as long as you’re in love with black cats, and your beloved one.
Black Cat With colorful Butterfly Art Print
If you’re a black cat lover, but you still expect the art to be more colorful, here is something that fits the bill. It’s a wall décor art with dominating black cat motif, but there is a bunch of colorful butterflies, that make this canvas more cheerful and energizing. Whether you’re buying it as a gift to yourself or some other black cat lover, I’m sure this three-piece canvas will make a nice decoration in any living room. The posters are coming without frames, but they are of standard dimensions of 8x10 inches, so framing them should not be a big deal.
Black Cat Smartphone Stand
This must-have item for black cat lovers comes in a form of a black stretching cat smartphone stand. The cat is made of polyresin and the details on the figure are hand-painted. I’m sure that every black cat lover will immediately fall in love with it. Even at a first sight, I could see it standing on my working table. It’s large and sturdy enough to hold all major smartphones, and it’s heavier than you might think. If you like it, don’t think too much, just buy it.
Cat Peeking Car Stickers
The best way to publicly announce you’re in love with black cats is to put these black cat peeking stickers on your car. They look really cute and funny, and anyone who takes a look at them will get the message. It’s a pair of self-adhesive stickers that fit the car, laptop, motorcycle, etc., and you just need to peel them off and stick. If you click on the button below you can check out how they look on some real-life examples.
Cute Black Cat Pencil Case
Now the girls will find a whole lot more ways to use this pencil case, than the guys. You know, even if being a pencil case, this item can also serve as a nice-looking makeup bag. The girls, anyway, always need some extra space for all those small things they carry in their bags, like cosmetics, smartphones, sticky notes, pens, coins, etc. So, if you have some black cat lover girl around you, this would make the best possible gift for her – nice to the eye yet practical.
Women's Long Sleeve Hoodie with Cat Ears
Here is another gift for female black cat lovers. This long sleeve hoodie with cat ears would perfectly fit into any casual street style, maybe in combination with jeans or shorts, or both. Also, I can imagine my girl having her first-morning cup of coffee dressed in this hoodie and pajamas. It’s just adorable, and any black cat lover would just love it.
Black Cat Welcome Decorative Doormat
With this black cat welcome doormat, we’re stepping again into the home and garden gifts area. It’s a nice looking and warm doormat with a black cat motif, made of eco-friendly material. Even the backing is made of recycled non-slip rubber. It’s a stylish yet easy to clean addition to any home or even working space. Any black cat lover would welcome such a welcoming gift.
Metal Cat Decorative Garden Stakes
We couldn’t resist but to include these realistic-looking, black metal decorative cats, with reflective glass eyes, on our best gifts for black cat lovers list. Since the spring is coming, it’s time to refresh your garden’s look a bit. Is there any better way to do it than to put these realistic-looking decorative cats among the flowers and other plants? Besides looking good they are made of recycled steel and they're fully weather resistant.
Over The Door Kitty Cat Hanger Hooks
While we’re still at metal items, we have to present these cat-shaped over-the-hanger hooks. It would be a nice fit for the bedroom, bathroom, shed, office, or any other door as long as they are white-colored. The hanger comes in the shape of a black cat with two paws serving as hooks for hanging towels, jackets, clothes, or any other item they can hold. According to the manufacturer these hanger hooks can hold up to 20 pounds, which seems like a lot. Another plus is that you don’t need any tools to install it. Just hang the hanger over the 1.5 inches wide doors and you’re done.
Dishtowel Set, Cat Prints
Now that you have a hanger, it’s time to hang something on it. While this is true, the set we’re going to introduce looks more like a decorative item, though it’s suitable for getting any kitchen cleaning job done. The towels are lightweight and made of fabric cotton, suitable for machine washing (cold water), easy to clean and dry. The only thing you’re not supposed to do with them is to use bleach. Yeah, I’m aware you’re going to use them as a kitchen decoration – I just had to list everything important.
Black & White Interactive Toxedo Cat Toy
Now, I’ve already put a black cat toy on the list, but this is something completely different. It’s designed with an elder population in mind, but believe me, I wouldn’t mind if someone would buy this for me. Just wait to see all the features it has. First of all, the advanced technology it uses makes it able to make authentic cat sounds like purring, but the movements, too. Also, the sensors inside give it the ability to respond to petting and hugging as the real cat would. In the end, it doesn’t require any special care or feeding. With all that’s outlined I just know you wouldn’t exchange your real black cat with this one, although the two of you, have quarrels, too. Maybe it would be a good companion to your black cat? Have you thought about this?
Black Cat Throw Pillow Covers
This set of four pillow covers will surely give a magic decorative touch not only to your sofa but the whole living room. The covers themselves are made of high-quality and environmentally-friendly cotton linen, with a high-quality print that will not fade out after being washed. It will surely bring a dash of life to your space. In the end, did you expect us to end the article on the best gifts for black cat lovers without items like pillow covers?
Black Cat Face Cover Protection with Filter Pocket
We’re going to end this list with the face mask like we used to do with some of the previous ones. Although we’re all waiting to finally end up this era of face masks, it’s still an unavoidable part of our everyday lives. Having that in mind, the black cat lovers will be delighted with a whole bunch of variations on the black cat-themed face masks. Still, we’ve opted for this one. It’s simple, elegant, funny, and sends the right cat lovers message. Besides esthetics, it’s breathable, with five layers of activated carbon filter, dust-proof, anti-odor, and still easy to wear and easy to care for. Simply, it’s a must-have face mask for any real black cat lover.
18 Purrfect Gifts for Black Cat Lovers

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