Strawberry Themed Gifts – 15 Best Gifts for Strawberry Lovers

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You’ll have a hard time finding extremely devoted fruit fans like the strawberry has. Partially because of its taste, partially because of its heart shape, this berry is the queen of berries. Even if these words written by me could sound like a hymn to the strawberries, others might find it offensive. They think strawberry has an even more important role – strawberry is the queen of the whole fruit world.

To make strawberry worshipping even easier we’ve made this list of the best strawberry-themed gifts.

2 Pack 10 Gallon Strawberry Plant Bag with 8 Side Planting Pockets
Is there a better way to announce you’re in love with strawberries than to plant them and take care of them? As far as I know, it seems like growing and caring are the words that are most often associated with love. These plant bags are intended just for that. They are made of thick non-woven fabric, which means they are breathable, but sturdy enough for reusable use. One bag comes with 8 side pockets and an open top for growing a whole bush of strawberries. Also, when the season of growing strawberries finishes, you’re free to plant whichever vegetable or the fruit you want, as far as they can fit inside the bags.
300pcs Giant Strawberry Seeds
Now that you have plant bags, there are no other obstacles to prevent you from growing strawberries. There's one more thing - you need to get strawberry seeds. Clicking on the button below you’ll get 300 organic strawberry seeds and you can start your planting adventure. On the other side, there is a lot of articles online containing everything you should know about growing strawberries from seeds, so we encourage you to read at least one of them, and get the seeds. With a bit of researching online, you could be a real gardener, in quite a short period of time.
Strawberry Huller Fruit Slicer Set
While we’re still in the organic field, I must note it’s not all about planting and growing strawberries. How about consuming them? The food we consume needs to be nice to the eye, too, so a perfect strawberry slice and the way you’re going to combine it with other foods can take your strawberry consumption to a whole another level.

This set contains a high-quality plastic slicer with 7 stainless steel blades; and an ergonomic and really functional huller that will make your food prepping process a lot faster and easier.
Horizon Organic Low Fat Organic Milk Box, Strawberry, 8 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Now, if you don’t feel like growing strawberries yourself but you still opt for organic products, here we have a great pack of 12 boxes of organic low-fat milk with the strawberry flavor. It’s great for lunch-boxes or on-the-go snacks, but you’re going to find its application even if you’re working from home these days. The milk itself is packed with no use of preservatives and has a great strawberry taste. Don’t hesitate, just do it.
Fresh Strawberries Large Glass Apothecary Jar Scented Candle
We’re moving from the botanically oriented part of this article to the next level, though we’re still keeping our feet on the ground. More precisely, village ground. Fresh strawberries and sugar cane scents combined in the form of a vintage-looking village candle make a perfect gift for a strawberry lover, which will instantly bring the strawberry flavors right into his or her living room. The candle features dual wick technology which provides a greater fragrance experience, which burns wax longer and more evenly.
Strawberries All Over Kitchen Dish Towel Set
Here is another kitchen item on our list of best strawberry-themed gifts. It’s a set of four kitchen towels inspired with the strawberry motif, and actually a real housewarming gift. Besides looking good, the towels are made of 100% high–quality cotton, with a convenient sewn-in loop for easy hanging. We know you’re probably going to use the towels as a part of décor, but in case you actually going to use them in the kitchen, they don’t require too much attention when it comes to washing. Wash them in cold water and dry them in the warm dryer, and that should be it.
100% Cotton Bedding Bedroom Set
Now we’re moving from the kitchen to the bedroom. This three pieces set, containing two envelope pillowcases and a soft duvet cover, covered with strawberries, will surely bring a bit more life to your bedroom. It’s made of 100% cotton, which means this is a high-quality product. It’s hypoallergenic, breathable, and printed to never fade. It’s queen-sized and considering the design, we think that girls are going to prefer it more than boys. Another interesting thing is that it is double-faced, so it might come in handy if you get a sudden visit to your bedroom. Just flip it to the other side, and, voila!
Strawberry Night Light
Here is another perfect gift for a strawberry lover, and another one that belongs to the bedroom. It’s a cute and warm strawberry-shaped LED light lamp. It features three lighting modes, but all of them are soft and dazzling to the eyes. I’ve just noticed it might suit perfectly into the bedroom, but you can put it anywhere since it comes with a USB charging port and a built-in lithium battery. We’re sure strawberry lovers will find the best way and place to use it.
Crop Top with Sweet Strawberry Print
Another item that girls are going to prefer more than boys is this top with strawberry print. It’s made of lightweight and durable soft fabric, which is friendly to the skin and it ties perfectly to the body. This is a perfect gift for casual, daily wear and it’s easy to pair with almost any other clothing piece. Of course, the most important thing is the strawberry print on it, so, don’t even think we’ve forgotten your favorite obsession.
Red Strawberry Sterling Silver Earrings
While we’re still at girls, fashion and strawberries, here we have a nice pair of earrings. Besides being strawberry-shaped these earrings are handcrafted of .925 sterling silver in Thailand and have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Also, they are hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and nickel-free and thus a perfect piece of jewelry for sensitive skin. We must admit they are pretty affordable, too.
14K Yellow Gold Strawberry Lever Back Earrings
And while the previous earrings are indeed pretty affordable, these surely aren't, and there is a good reason behind that. They are made in the USA, out of 14K yellow gold with dimensions of 0.83 inches in length and 0.55 inches in width. I know you’re going to purchase these only if you’re sure about your most loving strawberry lover. Just in case that something goes wrong between the two of you, they have a 30-day money-back warranty.
Soft Piggy Plush Pillow
If the strawberry earrings have made you less enthusiastic about gifting your favorite strawberry lover, here we have something that will surely get your loved one feeling like a queen or the king. Although it might seem impossible, this plushy pillow combines both – the pig and the strawberry in one item. Yeah, it’s one of those cases which demonstrate how art is actually imitating life. Because, that’s how it is in life – we all have at least two faces – beauty and the beast. Thinking about this I concluded that this pillow would best suit as an apology gift.
Cute Strawberry Ceramic Mug with Lid
Since the vintage and rustic are 'in' again, and as you probably already know strawberries are 'in' all the time, here we have a nice handmade ceramic coffee mug with a lid. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, sturdy and durable, yet elegant. I must admit it brings me the dash of poetry every time I look at it. Simply put, it’s a nice-looking and high-quality mug with a strawberry pattern, and it will surely get the smile on the face of every real strawberry fan.
Strawberry Sunset: A Sweet & Simple Card Game
It’s not all about love and poetry there is something in healthy competition, too. So, let’s have some fun with this strawberry-themed card game. It’s suitable for all ages above seven and requires 2 – 4 players. That makes it a perfect fit for quiet family evenings when you all get together after dinner, or you can play it just with your beloved one accompanied by few romantic glasses of red wine. To tell you the secret, it’s about growing as many strawberries as you can while building your garden. If you haven’t purchased planting bags from the beginning of the article, you will now.
Red Strawberries Breathable Face Mask
Even though the vaccines are here and we’re finally seeing that the 'new normal' could end up in the next period, we couldn’t resist but to include this strawberry-themed face mask. It’s very soft, breathable, and washable, and it’s covered with strawberries. So, grab this opportunity to spend the last months of the pandemic wearing this strawberry-themed mask. In the end, it’s not just about the virus. It also protects you from dust, pollen, allergies, cold, dust and haze, passive smoking, and all kinds of small dirty matters you don’t want in the air you breathe.
Strawberry Themed Gifts

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