Best Gifts for Hot Rod Lovers

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Car guys usually have a particular taste and they can be hard to buy presents for. It can be close to impossible to pick something they truly need and want without some proper help from another gearhead. Luckily, I am the car guy myself with great interest in hot rods. So, today we’re going to discuss the best gifts for hot rod lovers, and pretty much anyone else who’s got a classic car in their garage. Let’s get started and find something unique for that special hot rodder in your life.

Hot Rod Accessories

Celtic Skull Head Shift
Customizing a hot rod is all about details. Now, here's your chance to put your touch on his special project, and get him something he or she will truly appreciate. It is a silver Celtic Tattooed skull gear knob made from resin that will last for ages. While some of the presents of this type might feel tacky, this one is done in true hot rodder style, and your recipient will certainly love it. If he/she needs one, go for it, and leave your mark on that beautiful car.
Steering Wheel Bowtie
Again, we're continuing with gifts that will make a direct impact on the hot rod project of your money-spending friend or love. In this instance, it is a steering wheel and a great one at that. It is a 14-inch polished wood steering wheel that uses the standard six-hole bolt pattern. Since this is one of the more expensive gifts, you want to make sure that you don't get him/her something that doesn't fit. So, help from a friend who knows a bit more about the project might be mandatory, of course, if you want to keep it a surprise. Otherwise, you can just consult with them, and let them pick the gift.
Pirate Mfg Hot Rod Polished Stainless Steel Swan Neck Mirror Set
Another great thing you can get to your favorite hot rodder is this pair of beautiful swan neck side mirrors. They are a great addition to any classic car, but they fit best to hot rods and rat rods. On the other side, you'll help out with a project not just financially, but design-wise as well. However, before you decide to go for such a purchase, make sure that these are on the buy list, and also they have a particular style that might not be appreciated by everybody. In the end, they are not expensive and you won't lose a lot by taking a chance, maybe just an argument...
Vintage Harley Flaming Skull, Hotrod, Car Hood Ornament
The next accessory on our list is one of the most important for any hot rodder, and thus, it is the riskiest purchase on our list. The main reason for this is obvious, everyone wants to crown their project themselves. However, if you feel comfortable enough, and if you know your friend, husband, a lover that good, we got a perfect hood ornament. It is a vintage flaming cast skull, which is quality made, durable, and will last for ages. Best of all, it won't break the bank.

Wall art

Losea Hot Rod Prayer Vintage Style Metal Sign
If you would rather get something more original, you can always pick the sign. Signs are great wall decorations, and besides the garages, you can even use them to decorate the living space, of course, if they're up for that. The best thing of all, your options are limitless. You got numerous signs, including the vintage ones, the ones with pretty ladies, and the ones focusing strictly on hot rods. Our favorite one depicts the hot rodder prayer, and your friend, man, or woman will proudly display it.
4 Panel Wall Art Hot Rod with Smoke Background On Black Painting The Picture Print On Canvas
We've left the best for last. It is a 4-panel printing on a canvas depicting an insanely rad hot rod. While our previous choices were more intended for garage use, this is definitely a living room piece. Now, any car enthusiast would love to have something like this to look at every day, but for a hot rodder, this would truly present something special. It is personally one of my favorite picks, and I am probably going to surprise myself with this one. It is that good, and it might be the winner on our best gifts for hot rod lovers list.


Jstyle 4 Pcs Leather Necklace for Men Women
Getting a hot rodder to wear a piece of jewelry can be a challenging task. However, that shouldn't be the case with this 4-piece leather necklace for men, or women. It perfectly fits the style, and it is not technically a piece of jewelry. You get 4 high-quality pieces with 4 different metal symbols including, rings, wings, and feathers. It is a great present idea that your other half will wear with pride, and you can even share the present to match the style.


Now, when it comes to literature, there are so many good options out there that we couldn’t list just one. Check it out, and whichever one you choose, you’ll hit the bulls-eye.

Art of the Hot Rod
The first one on our list is the Art of the Hot Rod. It is basically the collection of builds made by some of the best US hot rod builders beautifully gathered into a simple visual book. It portrays some of the most beautiful hot rods captured by professional photographers. While the book can be used for admiration, it can also be a great resource for inspiration by the best in the business.


Classic car shirt vintage hot rod tee
Here is a t-shirt which truly depicts thoughts of your everyday hot rodder -'Just one more car'. As a gearhead myself, I have to confirm that this is exactly what a hot rodder thinks when he/she comes upon another potential project. Although we all know that it is completely unreasonable to take on another project besides the one we already have in a garage, we all have to follow our hearts. It is a real hot rod tee for a real hot rodder.
Hot Rod Hoodie Vintage Car
I won't go deep into apparel since most of the hot rodders aren't that keen on the overall appearance. However, they still have to dress, and this gift is for the colder days. it is a hot rod hoddie with a depiction of a hot rod, of course. You got multiple colors to choose from, but I can assure you that you won't go wrong with black. It is the official community color as you probably already know by now.


If you ask any man who likes to get his hands dirty what more of could he use, the answer will always be tools. I am the perfect example of that. While I have thousands of dollars worth of tools, I could probably spend a million more.

DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set
You don't have to go that far, but you should sneak a peek into the garage and see what's missing, what could be useful, or what's damaged. The main tool which I use the most is my socket set. This one from Dewalt is perfect. it does cost a bit more, but it has everything your regular gearhead might need. Even if he/she has one, he/she will appreciate a gift like this.

If the socket set doesn't meet the criterion, there are numerous different tools you could buy as a present - welder, grinder, drill, etc. That would be all for our best gifts for hot rod lovers list, hopefully, you'll find it helpful in your quest to buy the perfect present.

Best Gifts for Hot Rod Lovers

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