12 Ultimate Luxury 21st Birthday Gifts for Him

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As someone who has been 21 recently, well if I am going to be honest, not recently, 10 years ago, I still have an insight into what a 21-year-old would want. However, today we’re not going to list everyday gifts, but rather ultimate luxury 21st birthday gifts for him.

Now, let’s get one thing out of the way. The best possible gift for a guy that just topped 21 is a car. It is simply a man thing, and there are no ifs and buts. The problem is that not a lot of people can actually afford a gift like that. So, we’re going to have to be a bit more modest, and list some presents which fit the right criterion, including price, as well as desirability.

Xbox Series X
While certain people think that men get too old for video games, I'll say it in the name of all, we do not. Video games became an integral part of life for many of us, and it is going to stay like that. If you are looking for the ultimate luxury 21st birthday gifts for him, Xbox Series X is the way to go. However, there are few things to keep in mind. While the console is backward compatible, there are barely any games created for the new-gen. However, that is changing as the days pass, which means that your gift will get better by the day.
Samsung QN65Q60TA 65 inches Ultra High Definition 4K Quantum HDR Smart QLED TV
21 is the age of independence, but that doesn't always have to be the case. Whether the 21-year-old you're buying a gift for is moving out, going to college, or staying with parents, there is one gift that will blow him away. It is a 65-inch Samsung TV which is one of the best money can buy. Our modest pick is 65-inch in size, but if you want to make an even bigger impact, you can also opt-out for 75, or 85 inches, but that is going to cost a bit more. If you want to make him pass out from happiness, get him an 85-inch Samsung TV, and Xbox Series X combo.
New Apple MacBook Pro
Here's the last tech-related gift idea, I promise. It is an incredible laptop from Apple. Nowadays, imagining a life without a computer is impossible, this is especially the case when it comes to young people. Whether it is school, work, or something entirely different, a young guy without a computer is simply lost, although a phone can be used as a quick fix. This Apple MacBook Pro comes with the 9th generation of Intel Core I processor, and 1 Terabyte of internal storage. It also features a crystal clear 16-inch display for the best viewing experience.
Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 4 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses
21 is also known as the legal drinking age. If the person you're buying for likes to take the sip from time to time, here's the perfect present. It is also elegant and makes for a great display piece. The item in question is a whiskey decanter in the shape of a globe. The glass is hand-blown, and it comes with 4 matching glasses, and a wooden stand. The capacity is 29 ounces which is a perfect amount for the beginner. In the end, it might help with some geography as well.
Citizen Watches Men's CA0648-09L Eco-Drive
Now, we are moving on to more conventional gifts, but they're not going to be any less special. On the contrary, they might make even more impact since they will stand the test of time. The first gift on our list is the watch. It is something that might seem obsolete nowadays, but real men still wear them. The one We picked is the one from Citizen, and it is simply incredible. It comes in two colors - black and brown, but whichever one you choose, you won't make a mistake. The best thing of all, it can be used to compliment any outfit, and it is one of the ultimate luxury 21st birthday gifts for him which doesn't break the bank.
Nugget Rings Men's 10k Gold The Knight
Here is another gift idea that will be a constant reminder of you. It is a men's gold ring that is made in the USA. However, buying a specified gift like this can be a challenge in itself. We all have different tastes, so buying something like this can be hit and miss. So, before deciding to go for a ring like this, you have to know the taste of the person you're buying it for. It might be money thrown away, or, it might be something they will wear and cherish for the rest of their life.
Mezlan Republic - Men's Luxury Dress Shoes
As we all know women are crazy about shoes. They have dozens of them, and they are always looking for more. Men on the other hand either love them or only have them because they need to. Regardless of the personality of the 21-year-old you're buying the present for, good dress shoes are something everyone needs, and they make a great gift as well. Our favorite choice from the Mezlan Republic is something anyone will love. They come in black, burgundy, or tan, but the ones we find most stylish are tan ones. They go well with casual, as well as with more formal outfits.
Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro
And lastly, we got some Jordan sneakers. I have to admit that I am a hard-core fan of this brand when it comes to shoes. There are several reasons why men love them. They look great, they are extremely comfortable, and they are quality made. This means that they are extremely durable, and they will take a lot of punishment before they rip or break. While you might think of our Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro as the unsuitable choice for a luxurious gift, just check out the price.

That would be all for our ultimate luxury 21st birthday gifts for him. We got you some amazing picks to choose from, and we assure you, whichever one you choose, you will blow the young man in your life away.

Ultimate Luxury 21st Birthday Gifts for Him

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